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What we do

Hi, we’re Moglo. And maybe we are exactly what you are looking for. We deal with animation, 3D visualization, production and post-production of video content.

Moglo is for all companies, brands and people who want their content to look great and don’t know how to achieve it. Moglo is here to make your ideas moving images of various types, colors, shapes and sizes. Moglo is here so that you get quality video content in the shortest possible time, which conveys your message creatively and efficiently. And at the same time, it looks worldly. We like to say that Moglo does not simply do the work, but cooperates. This means that, just like you, it is important to us that your video content looks great. That is why we will always adapt our solution creation to your budget, business goal and expectations. And even suggest options that will further highlight your content.

Depending on the needs of the project, we often expand our small team with our regular collaborators, so experienced designers, copywriters, a sound studio, cameramen and sound engineers are at your (and our!) disposal. 

Our clients
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Our studio
Our team
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  • Miroslav Brozović, Head of production Miroslav Brozović, Head of production
  • Ivan Tofing, Producer Ivan Tofing, Producer
  • Marko Knezović, Media designer Marko Knezović, Media designer
  • Lana Stjepanović, Production coordinator Lana Stjepanović, Production coordinator
  • Saša Makšan, Media designer junior Saša Makšan, Media designer junior
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