Kino Mediteran

Kino Mediteran has been raising its screens in Dalmatia since 2012 and it is high time that they have their Kino Mediteran opening credits. For that, they turned to the right address and that is how the Kino Medteran and Moglo joint story began.

Client Kino Mediteran
Year 2020.

Kino Mediteran is a project of revitalization of cinemas in Dalmatia whose main goal is to revive cinemas and bring film programs to smaller areas throughout Dalmatia where cinemas have long been closed. The project is currently held at 30 locations, and regularly, throughout the year, lasts in Bol, Hvar, Imotski, Jelsa, Komiža, Lastovo, Omiš, Ploče, Podgora and Supetar. In 2019, 157 films were shown through 858 screenings for 59,070 viewers. With a clear brief of how they envision the opening credits, they gave us no restrictions and put their trust in us to do what we know best - and we justified that trust. 

The first visual of Kino Mediteran was shot on a handmade model of the Adriatic coast, and the model and visual identity were made by designer Nika Tecilazić.


We joined forces with Nika and re-created a model of the Adriatic coast to capture the necessary footage to create the animation.


We imagined the opening credits so that the camera in two frames follows the popping of popcorns on the map that are in the position of the place where the projections are held. By popping, the popcorns reveal one projection screen in each place, showing a short animation and then disappear, while other direct and indirect animations develop in the rest of the frame. When popping, each popcorn also throws out a few unusual objects that either disappear into the sea or develop into an accompanying animation, something like an unrelated animation as opposed to the main focus. The goal is to discover a new element, meaning, a new mini story, every time you watch.

03.jpg 04.jpg

We can’t wait to see the opening credits on the big screen.


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