Nanobit, the largest Croatian game developing company whose games are played daily by several million users around the world, wanted to attract new employees from the English-speaking area, more precisely from the USA. The I TO NIJE SVE! creative agency designed a short promo video that would briefly present the company and attract new employees. The agency devised the concept, and Moglo took over the production.

Client I TO NIJE SVE! Kreativna agencija
Year 2019.
vlcsnap-2020-03-13-14h26m34s287.png vlcsnap-2020-03-13-14h28m00s719.png

We gathered the team and spent 2 days in the offices of Nanobit where we tracked their daily activities, toured and filmed all the spaces, and took part of the team to the roof because it was a sunny day. And we had a drone.


After 2 days of shooting we said farewell to Nanobit team and went to the editing room to see what we filmed and to start working on animation.  You can see how the entire process looked like in our making of video. 

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