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Croatia is one of the richest countries in terms of water resources in Europe, but public water service is still unavailable to 6% of the population, 47% of the population is not connected to the drainage system and we still have 200 small, unregulated water mains without adequate water control. Fortunately, that can change. The new reform is here in order to use our resources smarter and more sensibly and also to enable better quality of water services to all citizens of the Republic of Croatia. And the TVC for the water services reform was produced by Moglo.

Client I TO NIJE SVE! Kreativna agencija
Year 2019.

Client: Ministry of Economy and Sustainable development

Agency: I TO NIJE SVE! Kreativna agencija

Creative concept: I TO NIJE SVE! Kreativna agencija

Director: Antonija Mamić

D.O.P: Lutvo Mekić

Producer: Ivan Tofing / Moglo

Editing: Miroslav Brozović, Marko Knezović / Moglo

Production assistant: Petra Blašković

Color grading: Tomislav Stojanović / Eclectica

Production designer: Petra Kriletić

Art department: Denis Baranj, Marko Gavranović / Druga Perspektiva

Lightning and Grip: Damir Gajdek, Dario Madžar, Igor Lojld i Dragan Golubovac / Lav Rasvjeta

1st camera assistant: Saša Tufegdžić

2nd & 3rd camera assistants: Marko Cindrić i Alen Turić / CineCro

Costume designer: Lucija Prstec Smolčec

Make-up: Natalija Škrlec

Sound design: Studio 45

Voiceover: Višnja Šikić

Casting: Vanda Volić / Prozor u TV, Siniša Škec / Prva klapa

Cast: Ivana Pinjušić Bužanić, Kaja Klasić, Dora Pilski, Ana Ismalovski, Toni Božićević, Vedran Gospodarić, Petra Lazić, Mark Gostimir, Vigo Pašić

And how it was on the set, see in our making of video.


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